Medical Careers Adventures
Medical Careers Adventures


You have reached LECOM Bradenton's Medical Careers Adventures page for high school students and science educators. The high school student programs developed by LECOM Bradenton are tailored to provide encouragement to students to examine various career opportunities in the health care field. These programs are scheduled for after school hours or during the early summer.


LECOM is offering three high school programs.

   THE 2016-2017 HUMAN BODY EXPLORED (HBE)  meets one Monday a month this school year from October 2015 through March 2016.

   THE 2017 MEDICAL SCIENCE ACADEMY (MSA) meets for two weeks in June 2017 from Monday June 12th to Friday June 23rd. Information for the 2017 Medical Science Academy will be online after Martin Luther King's Birthday.

    THE 2017 PHARMACY EXPLORATION ACADEMY (PEA) meets for one week in July from Monday July 24th to Friday July 28th.   


LECOM will offer for the third time this academic year a program geared towards high school science educators.

    THE 2016 SCIENCE EDUCATORS ACADEMY (SEA) meets for one week in June from Monday June 20th to Friday June 24th.

For program information about the MSA, HBE and SEA programs follow the MSA or HBE or PEA links.


*If interested in reserving a seat in one of the three high school programs see the registration forms page.



High School Seniors may apply for one of LECOM's Early Acceptance Programs (EAP). Currently, we offer programs in Medicine, Pharmacy and Dental. For information about the Early Acceptance programs at LECOM please click the EAP link.



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